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Message from Lisa Marchiano of This Jungian Life – Podcaster, Analyst, Writer:


1700 BSTSocial Dreaming Matrix

1830 BSTBreak

1900 BSTAuction Lounge with Donald Kalsched, Joe Cambray, Sonu Shamdasani, Ursula Wirtz, George Hogenson, Dale Mathers, Ann Shearer, Marian Dunlea and Susan Schwartz – followed by auction of an hour with prominent Jungians

Address by Inna Kyrykiuk, President of the Ukrainian Jungian Association (UJA)

Presentation by members of the Ukrainian Society of Analytical Psychology (USAP)

Ann Ulanov: “Ukraine and Jung’s Red and Black Books: “Making the Unsayable Experiential” (BB7 p191) 

* Please arrive early – we have put together a video of Ukraine for you (about 7 minutes) *

Social Dreaming Matrix

Saturday the 21st of May

Please note, latecomers will not be admitted to the matrix.
12 noon New York : 5pm London BST : 6pm Warsaw : 7pm Kyiv

Convenors: Helen Morgan, Chris Scanlon, Laurie Slade, Elisabetta Pasini, Carola Mathers, Franca Fubini, Carlos Remotti-Breton, Cinzia Trimboli, Alessandra di Montezemolo, Fiona Palmer Barnes, Catherine Cox, Marilyn A.F. Mathew


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Auction of Prominent Jungians

Saturday the 21st of May

2pm New York : 7pm London BST : 8pm Warsaw : 9pm Kyiv

One of the exciting highlights of the event will be the  opportunity to bid in an “auction” of prominent Jungians, a wonderful chance to secure an exclusive hour with someone who has a particular area of expertise or who contributes significantly to the Jungian arena in some way. 


Bio: Ann Ulanov
Ann Belford Ulanov, M.Div., Ph.D., L.H.D. is a Jungian analyst in New York City, Emerita Professor of Psychology and Religion at Union Theological Seminary, member of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association and the International Association for Analytical Psychology. Among her many books are Cinderella And Her Sisters : The Envied and the Envying (with her late husband Barry Ulanov), Piercing Space/Time Barriers: The Psychoid, Soul and Psyche, and Back to Basics (4/2022).  Her awards include the Gradiva award for Finding Space: Winnicott, God and Psychic Reality and the Oscar Pfister Award from the American Psychiatry Association for her work in depth psychology and religion.

Saturday 21st May on Zoom

2pm New York  :  7pm London BST  :  8pm Warsaw  :  9pm Kyiv


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Ukraine and Jung's Red and Black Books

"Making the Unsayable Experiential"
(BB 7, p.191)
A Series of Reflections

Ann Ulanov Presentation

Elena Pozieieva photo

Elena Pozieieva

“My daughter and I were forced to leave Ukraine and now our home is in the hands and hearts of Other People. ”


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Our contributions at the moment often feel like an inconsequential drop in the ocean – but they would not be if we focused on our community, for whom our contributions could potentially be life-transforming.

One of the factors that most mitigates the effects of trauma is having someone supporting at the time of trauma. We can reduce the traumatic effect on our colleagues if we can find a way to let them know we are there for them now, at this critical time.

As analytical psychologists we have a particular means of bringing something to the events that are unfolding – making things conscious, drawing on inner resources in a particular way and so on. Ann Ulanov posed the question: what does our analytical work and experience and training offer in the face of the brutality of unprovoked destructiveness?